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What is Dosti Books?

Dosti Books is all about the love of books, and passion for knowledge. Our immovable belief is: "Anyone, who can read, must read."

What is Dosti Books' Mission?

Our mission is very/very simple to understand, and is driven by the love and passion that we have written above: 

"A book in every hand!"

Where is Dosti Books Located?

Dosti Books is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is Special at Dosti Books?

We accept that we sell books and other products that are linked with books and reading culture. This is our business, but a business with a deep sense of social responsibility. 

Dosti Books will always/always offer discounts to customers from Balochistan, former FATA and South Punjab. These discounts are offered in good faith, and those belonging to these areas can contact us via our online contact form, or contact us at 03177799922. The same number is also for WhatsApp.

Lesser finances will never hamper our customers' drive to read. Lesser finances will never mean lesser number of books at Dosti Books. That is a promise.

Does Dosti Books Deliver Internationally?

Yes; via Pakistan Post, as it is inexpensive and effective.

Who Runs Dosti Books?

Yusra Fatima and her younger sister Noor Fatima founded Dosti Books in January 2021. Yusra takes care of the marketing and business development operations while Noor run the sourcing, inventory management e-commerce operations of Dosti Books.

And both of them are also "bookoholics," if there is a word like that!