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Dosti Books request you to please read the following. Please contact us if you have any questions.

- Please do not accept if the parcel is unsealed, opened or badly damaged while being delivered to you.

- In case of any complaints about the defected product, books or any other item, at the time of delivery, please contact us immediately.

- You can contact us the contact form, phone and WhatsApp at 03177799922. You may also write to our organizational email.

1. Shipments:

1. Please always provide to us your accurate phone/WhatsApp number, and the shipment address. It is an organizational policy of Dosti Books to call/contact our customers to confirm orders prior to shipping. Dosti Books does this with a view to remove any mistakes while processing the orders. 

2. Dosti Books ships your packages, books or other items, within 1-2 working days after the confirmation of your order that we would have received via our website https://dostibooks.com/, phone call, WhatsApp, text or via the social media accounts Dosti Books e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.

3. Depending on your choice of the courier while checking out, you will receive your orders between 2-4 working days.

4. The orders of books or any other items from Dosti Books, which we receive after the 2:00 pm on Saturday, and for the whole day of Sunday, are shipped on Monday. If there are public holidays that include Monday, then the orders of books or any other item are shipped on the very-first working day.

2. Deliveries:

1. Delivery charges at Dosti Books, books or other items, are categorized according to the weight of the order. We use courier services at cost and do not overcharge our honorable clients. For areas that are out of the reach of the courier company, we use Pakistan Post, for which the charges vary and usually are lesser than the courier.

2. Either for the books or any other item from Dosti Books, you can choose a delivery option according to your choice and budget.

3. Returns, Refunds:

We pack and ship your orders with utmost care. No damaged or faulty item is ever/ever dispatched from Dosti Books. Usually, the damage happens when your item leaves our premises. But in all human operations, there are challenges, and therefore, Dosti Books offers the returns and replacements against all damaged and faulty items.

1. We accept returns only if the disputed item was not on your original order list, and had a production fault or damage. All such items must be reported to Dosti Books within 24 hours of the receipt of your order.

2. You may like to claim an exchange/replacement of your order within 3 working days.

3. All items that you would have received in damaged or faulty condition can be returned to Dosti Books with 7 days after the receipt of your order.

4. Dosti Books will dispatch the exchange/replacement items within 2 working days after receiving your claim/complaint, or earlier. All replacement items are delivered free of charge.

5. The returns are processed on the good-will and fair-usage basis. Dosti Books reserve its ethical and moral right to inquire into the incident that may have caused the damage or fault, and respond to you within 2 working days, or earlier.

6. You reserve the right to demand a refund also for the incorrect or damaged items. If you choose to get your amount refunded, Dosti Books will refund the amount in question within 10-15 days via the bank, online or mobile banking.

Disclaimer: The above framework of shipments, deliveries and returns can be changed as required, with or without assigning notices of our customers. No matter the situation, Dosti Books will always serve you in the best manner.